Title:  Tell’em

So this is a typographic illo that I did.  Excuse the B word, and this is a quote from Madonna, “I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want.  If that makes me a bitch, okay.”  I found this initially when I was looking for a quote by a historical feminist, and you don’t know my reaction when I saw this; like “Oh gurrrrl, yaaaaaaas, tell’em!!!”  

So after I got my sassy attitude on, it was just another day at my studio scratching the oil pastel plate…

and the whole drawing was like this;

Yup, there was no space to fit one last flower on the top…  Thank God for Photoshop.  I actually didn’t use this bee at the end, but still I think it’s a cute bee:)  

Some other elements were done by ink.  I can actually get fairly similar line quality by ink drawing, so technically I don’t have to use oil pastels…  Well, l guess I have a polygamy relationship with oil pastel and ink haha.

Finally colouring them in Photoshop.

At this point, I felt like I was doing a flower arrangement!

Here are some close-ups.

So again, the final illo is this;

Put your sassy on, ladies!!  Put your swag on, gentlemen!! 



Your Heartbeat

Title:  Your Hearbeat, 2014

I pitched an editorial piece for a tech article.  The article says there is a new gadget coming up for patients who have a heart problem.  It reads your heartbeat, blood pressure, and others, so you will be able to avoid any emergencies.  It can be synced to one’s smart phone and pill case, and is monitored by her/his medical supplier like doctors and nurses remotely.  The article also talks about the possible privacy issue with this gadget.  

Someone is always watching over you…  Not God or angels, but your doctor.   

In 3 days of fun creating a new piece!

In this process, I tried some stuff that I’ve never tried before…  The result wasn’t perfect as I thought, but I had to make it work!  My imaginary Tim Gunn helps me sometimes!  

And colouring in Photoshop, the fun part!

Red and blue, and some close-ups for you.



Bunny Hunter


Title:  Bunny Hunter, 2014

This is a small bunny illustration that I pitched for this Easter.  I’ve never seen a red rabbit, but it’s okay; it’s wonderful ability being an illustrator.  We can create anything!  

So serious talk, y’all.  I felt like I was losing (or lost) a sense of “rawness.”  ;something makes me happy.  I used to do a “real” oil pastel drawing before I scanned and colour digitally, but I rely on more ink drawing instead of oil pastel drawing lately.  


A quality of line and mark-making could be close to oil pastel drawing that I do (or I can imitate it digitally.)  After I scan my drawing, technically it doesn’t matter whether it’s an oil pastel drawing or an ink drawing; what matter is line works.  Plus, ink drawing is less time consuming and less messiness compared to oil pastels; Oh Lawd, it gets messy when you work with oil pastels.

So, I gradually work with ink more piece by piece.  I enjoyed my clean work desk, clean scanner, less materials and time… but I start noticing that something is missing to make me happy; something excites me when I see my illo.  I love roughness and rawness, and I guess I was losing it from my work.

Well, some people don’t see it, but just maybe only me thing. 

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I love oil pastels.  I like ink, and I will definitely use ink for my illo, but it won’t be my major medium to work with.  Speed, cost, technique„, it’s all important when it comes to “work” that provide money, I know that.  Even though I understand this system, oil pastels need more prep, need more time, and make my studio messy, I love it. 


my oil pastel drawing…


and colouring in Photoshop…

These are some close-ups.




Hope you liked it!


A Glass of Lots

Title: A Glass of Lots

This is my small editorial piece for an article of the health benefits of juicing.  Martha Stewart Living magazine has been like my second Bible since I live such a cooking and dining centered lifestyle (check my Instagram page @yoheyhorishita, you will see my cook daily basis.)  I thought it would be a nice self-promotional piece.  I hope this piece is telling a glass of lots of vegetables and fruits.  

I started with a simple drawing like this as usual;

Then coloured them in Photoshop;

Shadows, highlights, and textures…  

So, yeah!  That was it.  It was super quick and simple illustration, so I don’t have anything to show in its process!

Hope you liked it,


"Birthday Bouquet" Process

So I did a motion illustration for e-card couple weeks ago, and I totally forgot to post a process of the video…  So here it is!

This a video by the way; Birthday Bouquet

I painted elements with a black gouache,

This one above is an edited file, and the one beneath is before I changed its levels and stuff, the both were done on a watercolour paper …

Then these were taken into AfterEffect after these elements were coloured in Photoshop. 

I used this pattern as an overlay layer.

Start with a phrase; Let me celebrate your special day…

The way motion illustration tells story is different to a still illustration, of course.  The way motion tells a story is through the timeline, so it has to carry elements to support its thesis.  I like to have nice flow; cohesive colour and elements.  I also love carrying an element of surprise; “Ah!” moment… like this motion illustration. A bouquet turns into a birthday cake! 


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Hillary Clinton the Power


Title: Hillary Clinton

I did this quick piece for a demo at a portrait illustration class that I assist prof. Rick Lovell this quarter.  It is obviously a straightforward portrait of Hillary Clinton, but I had so much fun with this.  

The demo was taken place in two stages of my illustration process.  The first process is a traditional stage that I work with oil pastels.  


I don’t use this scratch technique as much as I want to recently.  I work with ink on the line works, so I do more straight-up drawing now; however, I thought it is good to show my students the beauty of “get your hands dirty” process.  I remember when my former processor, Julie Mueller-Brown, showed this technique couple years ago, I literally gagged with excitement and happiness.  Ever since, I have used oil pastels on my illustrations!!

The second process was basically showing how I colour, choose colour and put textures.  


Isn’t this sooooo creepy and scary though!?  When I got this colour result in a middle of the night I was working, I flipped out!  Zombie Hillary haha.  


Adding more textures as shadows and highlights to have more depth, but not too much.  She is a classy and powerful person in the world, I love her.

I hope my students have learned something from this demo!

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Motion Illustration: Yohey Horishita
Music: Lady Love by Chicago Footwarmers from New Orleans Jazz of the 1920s

My Sweet Kingdom

Title:  My Sweet Kingdom

Happy New Year!!  Hope you had wonderful holidays, and smoothly started your 2014.  I had wonderful Christmas with my friends and families this year.  I didn’t get to go back to Japan, but it was beautiful Christmas and New Year’s celebrations here in Atlanta, GA.  Some of you know that 2014 is the year of Horse.  I hope we all will run and step strongly like a beautiful horse!

I really wanted to illustrate happy and whimsical piece.  This is a celebration of new year, no need to be deeply conceptual, right!?  It is a simple composition, but there are lots of colour and textures to support the happy atmosphere.

This is a drawing… 

Then, Photoshopping!  Fun!

Colouring like always…  Layers of scanned shades and highlights…

Yup, I changed his facial expression.  I’m not sure he is a self-portrait of myself, but you might find resemblance haha

Here are some close-ups.

Hope y’all enjoyed it, and again, Happy New Year to you.  I really really wish your 2014 IS GOING TO BE lots of adventures and challenges, giving you great happiness and excitement, and treating you healthy and blessed.



Everyday Commute


Title: Everyday Commute

This is an editorial illustration for “Tools of the Trade.”  What is trade to you? To me, it is commute – something going back and forth A to Z.  It could be transportation or greeting that connect two dots.  I illustrate the connection we trade in our everyday lives.  

So, I start with sketch.

and move on to more refine drawing. Hit it!

Then I need some shades, right?

Finally colouring in Photoshop! This is my favorite moment of the process.

Here are some close-ups.

Ahhh cute little creatures!!



Discovering The Heat


Title: Discovering The Heat

Again, another editorial illustration that I pitched for one of my dream client. It’s about discovering a new trend, product, something hot in the industry.

So here is a sketch,


and working on this in Photoshop!

Colouring is always fun, but taken so long to get there!


And some close ups!




Hope you liked it!